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Hinter die Spiagl (2018)

This fairy comedy tells the fantastic daydream of Ljuba, sitting in a bizarre school world made of cardboard and struggling herself through a scary reality dominated by technology and progress only. All the sudden the glorious singing angel Klarina appears and inspires her music teacher Engelbert to compose a master piece of music. Engelbert is now forced to withstand an incredible trip through Heaven and Hell and to finally face the truth about the world behind the mirror.



73 min | Comedy, Fantasy | Italy  

Director Linda Röhl, Dietmar Gamper

Screenplay Dietmar Gamper

Producer Wilfried Gufler, Thomas Menghin

Director of Photography Linda Röhl

Art Direction Dietmar Gamper, Daniel Mahlknecht

Costume Design Sieglinde Michaeler, Walter Granuzzo

Sound Martin Fliri

Editor Linda Röhl

Sound Design Martin Niedermair

Music Simon Gamper

Production: Albolina Film GmbH


Ljuba: Hanna Weithaler

Music Teacher Engelbert: Walter Tribus

Angel Klarina: Veronika Pircher

Maths Teacher: Gerlinde Weithaler

School Psychologist: Nadjy Olivieri

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