• Planning and organisation of film productions in Italy

  • Executive producer for external producers; advisory services regarding the realisation of productions

  • Advisory services relating to budget planning and optimisation of financing film productions

  • Italian Film funding: contribution requests in Rome ; Law Nr. 220 from 14. 11. 2016 - Tax credit;

  • Local Film funding: application Business Location Südtirol – BLS

  • Administration

  • Advisory services regarding transnational employment law and contracting

  • Wage calculations, employment and termination of personnel, insurance, supervision, engagement of actors, extras, technicians and personnel, payroll for the Italian part of the production

  • Administrative services

  • Advisory services in German, Italian or English

  • Assistance in finding product sponsorship (especially accommodations and meals)

  • Procurement of investors (in the case of co-production)

Tax credit

According to Italian law, foreign cinema and TV productions may claim a tax credit of up to 30 per cent of the eligible production costs. However, foreign producers cannot apply directly for the Italian tax credit. Only Italian service producers, taxable in Italy, are entitled to do so, which is why these apply for and receive the tax credit on behalf of foreign producers.

The tax credit is based on the costs incurred during production and applicable are only those production costs incurred in Italy itself.

Italian service producers may offset the tax credit with every other type of tax (F24).

The tax credit is one of the few of its kind worldwide that provides for an application already during production.

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