written by Gernot Werner Gruber and Aleksandra Kumorek


It’s the late 1950s and life in the South Tyrolean village of St. Pauls is as ordered as it always has been. While the men earn the money, the women are submissive and their main job is to have babies. Nothing disturbs the idyll. That is until one day when strangers appear in the village. Their clothing and language reveal them to be Germans. The open-minded landlady and the farmers’ wives accommodate them in make-shift guest rooms. In addition to the latest fashion trends, the tourists bring new ideas and customs – and money. The women suddenly have a source of income, which changes the power structures between the sexes, causing taboos to be broken and lies and secrets to accumulate. Due to the pent-up frustration of the Cold War, South Tyrolean resistance against Italian oppression and the trauma of the Nazi past, things spiral out of control in the heat of summer. When the strangers return home, nothing in the village will ever be the same again.

Fremdenvekehrt | 6 X 45'

An Albolina Film production in co-production with Tellux Film [DE]

Genre: TV Series, dramedy

With the development support of IDM Film Funding


written by Maximilien Dejoie & Virginija Vareikyte


Escaping the Spanish flu pandemic, Marilee and her brother James are forced to fend for themselves away in a log cabin deep in the forest. To prevent her brother from going back home, Marilee tells him the tale of Tinginys, a fantastic creature who is said to wreak havoc in the woods. Will the two children manage to survive on their own?

Tinginys | 100'

Albolina Film in co-production with Just a moment [LT] & MTP [UK]

Genre: coming of age, fantasy

With the development support of Creative Europe MEDIA

Project selected at EAVE Producers Workshop 2021



by Julia Gutweniger & Florian Kofler

Vista Mare_Einreichungsfoto.jpg

VISTA MARE is a film about the people we spend our holidays with, year after year, without noticing them. A documentary journey of exploration into the engine room of Adriatic mass tourism - a look into the living and working worlds of those who live in and from this industry.

Vista Mare |  Julia Gutweniger & Florian Kofler | ca. 80'

An Eutopiafilm production [AT] in co-production with Albolina Film

Genre: creative documentary

With the support of ÖFI – Österreichisches Filminstitut, ORF, FISA, IDM Film Funding, MiC Tax Credit, Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano - Ufficio cultura tedesca

Così com'è

by Antonello Scarpelli


Emilia (60) leads a secure life in Calabria with her husband Francesco (63). But her calm everyday existence as a municipal employee approaching retirement is disturbed by her husband's diagnosis of Alzheimer's and her concern for her two children, Giuseppe (35), unemployed in Calabria, and especially her youngest son, Antonello (32). Antonello has been living in Germany for several years, trying to earn a living as an artist. He struggles to make ends meet with odd jobs, but he tries to hide this from his parents. Emilia's efforts to establish contact usually result in her having to leave him voice messages in which she admits that she is aware of her son's situation. Later, Francesco's condition worsens, but Antonello is still not aware that his father has Alzheimer's disease. So Emilia and Francesco decide to visit him in Germany for an honest face-to-face conversation.

Così com'è |  Antonello Scarpelli | 90'

A SUTOR KOLONKO production [DE] in Co-Production with Albolina Film

Genre: Arthouse-Drama

With the support of: BKM, NRW, IDM Film Funding, MiC Tax Credit

Persona non grata

by Antonin Svoboda


When her husband suddenly dies, former ski racer Andrea (58) is caught up in a completely different trauma. The neighbour takes advantage of her vulnerability and assaults her. The police say there is no hope of pressing charges. It’s like when she was a teenager in the ski club: when she was raped, she knew that the powerful Austrian Ski Association was laying its protective hand over the perpetrator. But in the meantime, #MeToo has also reached Austria, media reports about sexual assaults in sports are increasing. And when the Ski Association does not want to know about the establishment of an ombudsman’s office for abuse victims, Andrea goes public with her story. Afterwards, an avalanche of accusations and rejections hit her. Her parents and her pregnant daughter Sara (22) also react with incomprehension at first. However, voices of support are also raised and Sara slowly understands: what her mother is fighting for is a much bigger cause.

Persona non grata |  Antonin Svoboda | 90'

A coop99 [AT] production in co-production with Albolina Film

Genre: drama, psycho-thriller

Supported by: ÖFI, ORF Film- und Fernsehabkommen, Filmfonds Wien, IDM Film Funding, MiC Tax Credit

The Mulberry Tree

by Cornelia Schöpf & Federico Campana


Anna’s grandmother is forced to leave the farm that was her home for 60 years when Anna’s uncle sells it to clear his debts. Anna (30), her mother Rosi (55) and her aunts Hilda (60) and Maria (63) visit the farm one last time to pick up the family’s few remaining belongings. Anna, who returned specially to bid farewell to the farm, takes a trip down memory lane. The farm was her favourite place to go as a child and was where she had the most freedom and her best adventures. Everything is brought into sharper focus as she touches all the objects and looks around for the last time, aware that an era is coming to an end. She wants to hold on to this moment with her senses forever, but it’s time to say goodbye.

The Mulberry Tree |  Cornelia Schöpf with Federico Campana | 15'

An Albolina Film production

Genre: Short film

Supported by IDM Film Comission South Tyrol, Amt für Film und Medien der Autonomen Provinz Bozen – Südtirol, MiC Tax Credit


by Georg Lembergh


In the rugged mountain landscape of South and North Tyrol, a “grin and bear it” attitude was drilled into people from a young age for centuries. In this emotionally cold climate, child sexual abuse remained shrouded in shame, swept under the rug and unresolved for longer than in many other places. Here too, however, the wall of silence is gradually beginning to crack. In this documentary, those affected bravely overcome the taboo and speak out about the sexual abuse they have suffered – within their family, in the world of sport, at church and in care. The harrowing stories will leave you speechless, but are ultimately messages of courage and hope that testify to irrepressible energy, resilience and dignity. How do the people featured – from the successful former ski racer to the orphan child – deal with the traumatic events today? And how have they managed to break free from the victim mentality and lead independent lives again?

Gegen das Schweigen | Georg Lembergh | Italy, Austria

Genre: documentary

With the support of IDM Film Funding


by Thomas Hanifle

Max Valier_mit einem mit Flüssigkeitstr

The Rocket Man tells the tragic and fantastic story of South Tyrolean Max Valier, who became an international sensation in Germany by performing spectacular rocket tests during the 1920s. With a disregard for his own safety and despite strong resistance, Valier fought for the dream of reaching the vastness of space and died during a laboratory experiment at the age of 35. To mark what would have been Valier’s 125th birthday, filmmaker Thomas Hanifle embarks on a search for the marks left behind by Valier in this world. Was Max Valier an admirable visionary or a selfish fanatic who even paved the way for the Nazis to develop rocket technology?

The Rocket Man: Max Valier | Thomas Hanifle | Italy

Genre: documentary

With the support of IDM Film Funding