1. Planning and organisation of film productions in Italy
  2. Executive producer for external producers; advisory services regarding the realisation of productions
  3. Advisory services relating to budget planning and optimisation of financing film productions
  4. Tax credit/Rome: contribution requests in Rome for film funding from the Italian state; application for the Italian tax credit pursuant to Article 4 of Italian Ministerial Decree dated 7 May 2009 and Art. 1, paragraph 335 of Act 244/2007
  5. Application for funding contributions from Business Location Südtirol – BLS
  6. Advisory services regarding transnational employment law and contracting
  7. Wage calculations, employment and termination of personnel, insurance, supervision, engagement of actors, extras, technicians and personnel, payroll for the Italian part of the production
  8. Administrative services
  9. Advisory services in German, Italian or English
  10. Assistance in finding product sponsorship (especially accommodations and meals)
  11. Procurement of investors (in the case of co-production)