Albolina Film GmbH, based in Bolzano, was constituted as a film production and service company. It is a subsidiary company of Edition Raetia GmbH, which has published successful books for over twenty years.

In South Tyrol, there has been a rapidly growing industry of all different types of film productions since early 2011; from it, a new and specialised area of business with new exigencies and rules has come into being. Theatrical releases, shorts, documentary features, and docufiction television series are being produced: as a result, there is a demand for film production and management specialists. The introduction of regional and state funding for films shooting in South Tyrol has captured the attention of numerous film producers from outside the province.

Albolina Film GmbH is active in this area and has a local and international orientation. The company assumes the role of executive producer – especially for external film producers who shoot films in Italy – and offers itself as a platform for a wide array of interests both in South Tyrol and in Italy.

Our activity centres on organisational, legal, administrative and tax-related tasks. In addition, we provide consulting services chiefly with regard to the financing of films: the optimisation of budgets, obtaining film subsidies through the Italian government, Italy's tax credit system, and regional grants and contributions. Other main areas include operational management and international consulting work.

Another venture of Edition Raetia and Munich-based Effective Entertainment, Dolomyte Media Marketing GmbH, deals with product placement for films. Since 2011, film funding has been part of the economic policy of South Tyrol – a land that has been strongly emphasising its allure as a film setting and shooting location. Luis Trenker appreciated this appeal, as did many film greats before and after him. South Tyrol's funding eligibility criteria are similar to those of other countries, especially Germany. The main consideration is, for now at least, one question: how much will the project advance South Tyrol as a film location? One look at the general-interest and trade press bears the initiators out.

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